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Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

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The Eastern Mediterranean region, including the Adriatic coast of Italy and Croatia, the Greek islands, Istanbul and Kusadasi in Turkey, and ports on the coast of the Black Sea, offers cruise-goers stunning beaches, rambling alleys to wander through, and a dose of ancient history. It’s a great cruise option for a family getaway or couples looking for a romantic time. Most Eastern Mediterranean cruises begin in the Athens via the port of Piraeus. They might include Venice and Istanbul as


Western Mediterranean Cruises

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Cruises in the Western Mediterranean have long been popular with tourists who want to see and experience a little bit of everything while on vacation. The region offers opportunities to enjoy a vibrant cafe scene, shop in exquisite boutiques, immerse oneself in centuries-old art, architecture, and culture, and even soak up the sun on one of the region’s many beautiful beaches. Most cruises through the Western Mediterranean region hit coastal regions in France, Spain, and Italy. They might also include