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Antarctica Cruise

Sunrise, Antarctica

Very few people can say that they’ve been to Antarctica; it is a destination for extreme adventure-seekers. Antarctica is one of the only continents on the planet that has no inhabitants, no nationality, and no economy. It is, however, becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination considering its barrenness. Approximately 30,000 tourists visit Antarctica every year. Antarctic cruises are a popular option for people who wish to explore this empty continent. Although they pale in comparison to the expeditions planned by


Australia & New Zealand Cruises

Sail Away

Australia and New Zealand are both referred to as Down Under, but are they really all that similar? When it comes to landscapes, the two countries couldn’t be more different. Although they are both islands, New Zealand boasts rolling hills and mountain peaks, while Australia is relatively flat. The coasts are also quite different in appearance, with New Zealand’s south island full of fjords and inlets. Most of the Australian coast is made up of long beaches that extend for


Middle East Cruises

View of Istanbul from Galata tower

The Middle East may not be one’s first choice when it comes to taking a cruise. It may even seem unheard of to the average traveller; however, Middle East Cruises are coming back as a very exciting and efficient way to explore the Middle East. It provides the traveller with a more luxurious experience – being able to return to a exquisite cruise ship at the end of one’s day – yet enables them to also experience all the authentic