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Mexican Cruises

Cancun beach view from turquoise Caribbean

The Mexican Riviera is a rapidly rising cruise destination, and it is becoming known as an alternative option to the Caribbean. Mexico has thousands of miles of Pacific coast which attracts tourists and celebrities alike. The 1960s film “Night of the Iguana” prompted Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to buy a seaside villa, while the 1970s television show “The Love Boat” used the scenic ports as a backdrop, bringing the Mexican Riviera and towns such as Cabo San Lucas and



Mexico, Xcaret, Lagoon, Rock formation in the sea

Mexico is the southern most country in North America, bordering the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the southeast. It has 6000 miles of shoreline, as it has coasts on the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. Mexico has very warm weather, unique food, breathtaking architecture, beautiful beaches, plenty of golf courses, historical ruins, and excellent fishing, and as such has become a very popular tourist destination Getting Around The best roads