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Alaska Cruises

John Hopkins Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

An Alaskan Cruise is a different and interesting option for travellers. As the most Northern state in America, it provides a diverse culture and society, that many North Americans are not accustomed to. The scenery also provides an appealing aspect to the traveller; Alaskan cruises are none like any other and will provide a tourist with an absolute breathtaking experience. Itinerary There are a few different travel itinerary options when taking an Alaskan cruise. The Inside Passage is a seven-night


Antarctica Cruise

Sunrise, Antarctica

Very few people can say that they’ve been to Antarctica; it is a destination for extreme adventure-seekers. Antarctica is one of the only continents on the planet that has no inhabitants, no nationality, and no economy. It is, however, becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination considering its barrenness. Approximately 30,000 tourists visit Antarctica every year. Antarctic cruises are a popular option for people who wish to explore this empty continent. Although they pale in comparison to the expeditions planned by


Australia & New Zealand Cruises

Sail Away

Australia and New Zealand are both referred to as Down Under, but are they really all that similar? When it comes to landscapes, the two countries couldn’t be more different. Although they are both islands, New Zealand boasts rolling hills and mountain peaks, while Australia is relatively flat. The coasts are also quite different in appearance, with New Zealand’s south island full of fjords and inlets. Most of the Australian coast is made up of long beaches that extend for


Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Ships, New Providence, Bahamas

The Eastern Caribbean in one of the world’s foremost cruise destinations. The Eastern Caribbean officially includes the British Virgin Islands, the American Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Martin, however the Bahamas are commonly included as they are a major stop in many cruise itineraries. Cruises range in length from a weekend trip through to 10+ night stays, and range in price from ultra-affordable through ultra-luxury. 

Time A major question concerning embarking on an Eastern Caribbean cruise is


Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

White stairs with cruise ship

The Eastern Mediterranean region, including the Adriatic coast of Italy and Croatia, the Greek islands, Istanbul and Kusadasi in Turkey, and ports on the coast of the Black Sea, offers cruise-goers stunning beaches, rambling alleys to wander through, and a dose of ancient history. It’s a great cruise option for a family getaway or couples looking for a romantic time. Most Eastern Mediterranean cruises begin in the Athens via the port of Piraeus. They might include Venice and Istanbul as


Hawaii Cruises

The Pride of Hawaii in Honolulu Harbor

The beautiful scenery and stunning landscape of Hawaii is all accessible by a cruise. The eight major islands of Hawaii are all volcanic, and each has different attractions and climates. Whether you want to see the volcanic summit of Maui’s Haleakala Crater, or tour the dramatic cliffs of Kauai’s Napali Coast, it’s all available to you. Because of this, Hawaii reigns as the king of cruising’s hottest destinations. Getting There In the past, one downside to a Hawaiian cruise was


Mexican Cruises

Cancun beach view from turquoise Caribbean

The Mexican Riviera is a rapidly rising cruise destination, and it is becoming known as an alternative option to the Caribbean. Mexico has thousands of miles of Pacific coast which attracts tourists and celebrities alike. The 1960s film “Night of the Iguana” prompted Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to buy a seaside villa, while the 1970s television show “The Love Boat” used the scenic ports as a backdrop, bringing the Mexican Riviera and towns such as Cabo San Lucas and


Middle East Cruises

View of Istanbul from Galata tower

The Middle East may not be one’s first choice when it comes to taking a cruise. It may even seem unheard of to the average traveller; however, Middle East Cruises are coming back as a very exciting and efficient way to explore the Middle East. It provides the traveller with a more luxurious experience – being able to return to a exquisite cruise ship at the end of one’s day – yet enables them to also experience all the authentic


South America Cruises

Sugarloaf mountain

South American cruises are rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular cruise voyages. Indeed, as a destination, South America has a lot to offer both on and off land. Cruise-goers can be captivated by rugged terrain, untouched fjords, vibrant cities, mountains that disappear into the clouds, some of the world’s largest rainforests, and a land rich in indigenous history. South America is a giant continent, which extends from the equator to near the Antarctic region. It is home to


South Pacific Cruises

Cruise ship in tropical paradise

Many travelers become captivated by the beauty and mystery of the South Seas. Indeed, the region has been described as a veritable utopia on Earth. It’s a popular romantic destination for honeymooners and a person could gaze on the aquamarine seas for a long time from the tropical coastline. The people and culture are known for their fascinating qualities and beauty. Although it may seem too good to be true, many believe that the region offers perfection in every respect.

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