English Harbour and Falmouth Harbor, Antigua, Caribbean


Antigua is a destination in the Caribbean made up of two islands, known as Antigua and Barbuda. It is well-known around the world for its sandy beaches and picturesque coastal vistas. Many people visit Antigua every year to relax and soak up the sun. The country has been a hotspot for tourists since gaining independence from Britain in 1981. The entire country only has one city, called St. John’s. The main language spoken on both islands is English.

Getting Around

Jolly Harbour Villas

Jolly Harbour Villas

When in Antigua, there are a number of ways to travel around and see both islands. It’s not a big country, so transportation isn’t difficult. Many tourists decide to hire a car through their hotel or resort. Unfortunately, driving a rental car anywhere on the island can be a bit slow as the speed limit everywhere is 30 miles per hour. The cost to rent a car on Antigua is about one hundred U.S. dollars per day, so it can add up, too. If you don’t have anywhere far to go, there is no need.

Other options for transportation include taxis and buses. The taxis are shared and unfortunately, they aren’t cheap. Taxi trips can end up being costly since most of the country’s roads are bad and taxi drivers must drive according to the speed limit. A trip from the main city of St. John’s to just outside of the village of Wilikies can cost up to $52 one-way, shared between four people. A better option, if you’re up for a little bit of adventure, is to take the bus. One trip will cost you between one and two dollars and although the timings can be unpredictable, they can help you get where you need to go.

Things to See & Do

Heritage Quay shopping district, St Johns, Antigua

Heritage Quay shopping district, St Johns, Antigua

The main activities in Antigua are water sports. Most people come to soak up the sun and relax, as there are very few landmarks to see on the island. The pristine beaches and white sands tend to attract vacationers. Scuba diving is one offering, as there are a number of stunning reefs on the east coast of the country. You can find some snorkeling outfits which offer fairly cheap rates and the underwater life is fascinating. Some scuba diving companies will take you out on the water in a boat, where you can find the best spots for snorkeling.

Sailing and other water sports, such as kayaking, swimming, and parasailing, are also popular on the island. It’s a great idea if you want to spend an afternoon exploring the intricate coves and harbors around the islands. There are a number of uninhabited small islands close by that you can enjoy. You’ll most likely have them all to yourself.

Food & Drink

In Antigua, fish and seafood dishes are the most popular fare. The main local dish is called Fungi, although it has nothing to do with mushrooms. It’s pronounced “foun-gee” and is served with salt fish. There are a variety of other options on the island, with everything from British pub fare to Italian, American, Jamaican, and Mexican food available. Locals can point you in the direction of a restaurant that serves whatever you’re craving.Drinks in Antigua mostly feature the wide variety of local tropical fruits, from guava to pineapple and passion fruits. You can easily find imported soda brands and juices such as Minute Maid. There are also a wide variety of brands of water if you want to drink bottled water on your trip. Regional brands of alcohol include English Harbor Rum, Wadadli, Carib Beer, and the normal international brands. You can find alcohol at any bar in the area. Order a Rum Punch for a taste of a local drink.

Beach chairs

Beach chairs in Antigua